A Votre Service assists its clients with many aspects of the administration of their home and their personal life. Indeed many of our clients engage us on an ongoing basis to take full responsibility for their home and daily life matters.

The services we can provide on an ongoing basis include:

  • Managing your home, including identifying bills and utilities to be paid, where necessary liaising with the property owner in the case of rental property, arranging payments and monitoring property maintenance.
  • Property visits to ensure all is in order during your absence. This visit can include cleaning of the property. Any repairs or regular property maintenance can be dealt with on your behalf.
  • Attending to your mail, we will deal with household bills and statements and maintain files of all documents relating to the property and your UK administrative matters. All urgent issues will be communicated to you. Any resulting issues such as queries or complaints can be dealt with on your behalf.
  • Payment and monitoring of all regular subscriptions, memberships, clubs etc.
  • Cleaning of your property . Where necessary for security issues we can monitor the cleaning in your absence.
  • Preparing your home for your return to the UK. We will ensure that requested supplies such as perishables like milk and butter are available, that the hot water is on and that your home is ready for your arrival.
Household Administration