Once your offer for the property has been accepted we will assist and guide you through all the formalities.

It is preferable to obtain a valuation and a full structural survey of the property and we will introduce you to a surveyor.

The valuation may be required if you are obtaining finance for the property. Indeed the bank may specify that the valuation be carried out by one of their approved valuers. We will gladly assist you with this formality.

The structural survey will highlight any major faults in the construction of the building and likely costs you may have to incur to maintain the property. Whilst it is not compulsory to arrange a survey it is highly recommended especially as most residential buildings in London are quite old.

At this stage you may still review your offer to purchase.

We will introduce you to a solicitor who will carry out the conveyancing on your behalf. The solicitor will apply for searches from a variety of bodies including the local authorities, and will assess the contract for sale which he will receive from the seller's solicitor.

Once all the queries and searches are completed contracts are exchanged. At this stage the buyer must pay 10% of the purchase price. This deposit will be lost if the buyer does not proceed to complete the transaction. Completion normally takes place shortly after the exchange of contracts.

The whole process normally takes from six weeks to three months.

A Votre Service acts entirely in its clients’ interests. We are independent of the estate agents, legal firms and all professionals we cooperate with. In order to maintain our independence and to ensure that our clients’ interests are not compromised we do not accept fees, commissions or rebates from our professional providers.

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