Guide to rental property prices in London

Prices are quoted per week. Rental is normally paid monthly in advance

 Bedrooms Area 1 Area 2 Area 3
1 £500 + £700 + short-let £350-500 £300 +
2 £750-800 + £1,200 + short-let £500-1,000 £500 +
3 £1-500-2,500 £1,800 + short-let £800-1,500 £500-1,000
4 £3,000-3,500 £1,500-2,500 £850-1,500

Central London: Mayfair, Belgravia, Chelsea, Knightbridge, Kensington, Notting Hill

London zone 2: Bayswater, Pimlico, St Johns Wood, Marylebone

Greater London: Richmond, Kew, Kingston, Surbiton, Putney, Twickenham, the Hamptons


In the UK a 3 bed property will often have 2 double rooms and 1 single room/study. If it is essential to have 3 double rooms one should look primarily at 4 bed properties.

It is necessary to look at the top of the price brackets in order to ensure a high specification (modern fixtures and fittings with good décor).

This table is a guide only; it does not offer definitive prices. Landlords set the prices for properties and especially attractive or spacious properties can go at much higher prices.

Offers can be made on rental properties. As a guide these can be around 10% off the asking price. However, good rental properties in London do not stay on the market for long and are usually settled at full price. Putting in a low offer could mean you lose the property.