On receipt of your instructions we will proceed to search for suitable properties for your consideration.

Having considered perhaps one or two areas of London which you have chosen as suitable we will contact a number of agents who will submit those properties in their books.

We will select the most appropriate properties and visit them, ensuring that they meet your requirements in terms of location, space, quality of fittings and proximity to work, shops and schools.

Having selected a short list of around 4 or 5 suitable properties we will present them to you for consideration.

We will then arrange for you to visit them, you may prefer for us to accompany you, alternatively we will arrange the appointments at the properties where you will be met by the agent.

You may not be in the UK and we will send you photos and a report of those properties we have viewed. Once you have selected a property we will proceed with all the formalities on your behalf.

A Votre Service acts entirely in its clients’ interests. We are independent of the estate agents, legal firms and all professionals we cooperate with. In order to maintain our independence and to ensure that our clients’ interests are not compromised we do not accept fees, commissions or rebates from our professional providers.

Your Home In London