A Votre Service can assist its clients with most aspects of their household matters to make their day-to-day life easier.

As illustrated in the attached case studies we get involved as personal assistant for all manner of situations.

Indeed most of our clients delegate to us all those time consuming yet essential domestic tasks.

You will note that A Votre Service goes beyond those services offered by lifestyle or concierge service providers. As experienced administrators we are able to handle personal banking as well as client funds for the payment of utilities and other household expenses.

Please refer to the case studies for an idea of how A Votre Service can assist you.

Case Studies
Helping Mr X move to London from the Middle East
Helping Miss Z move to London from Russia

A Votre Service acts entirely in its clients’ interests. We are independent of the banks, estate agents, legal firms and all professionals we cooperate with. In order to maintain our independence and to ensure that our clients’ interests are not compromised we do not accept fees, commissions or rebates from our professional providers.

Household Administration