Unfortunately dealing with utilities companies such as telephone, gas, electricity and water can take a considerable amount of time. These services are managed through telephone call centres, necessitating long waiting times on the telephone, and our clients prefer to leave the task of dealing with these service providers to A Votre Service.

As is occasionally the case with rented properties payment demands may be received in respect of the previous tenant. A Votre Service will ensure that the necessary formalities are completed to ensure that all the utilities providers are informed of any change of tenancy or property ownership.

We will ensure that all your utilities are settled by direct debit or standing order as appropriate.

Finding and installing an internet broadband and satellite television connection can be a headache which A Votre Service can remedy. Also we have arranged for foreign satellite broadcast from Russia, Germany and France for a number of our clients.

A Votre Service will ensure that you remain connected and on the most appropriate tariff.

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