The services provided by A Votre Service cover all aspects of your home and family life

Over the years we have delivered a variety of services to our clients and no list could be complete because we are dedicated to meet all our clients’ diverse requirements.

We have assisted our clients with complex transactions such as purchasing a property and recruiting household staff to simple, yet time-consuming, tasks such as finding appropriate healthcare and setting up an internet connection.

Most of our clients entrust us with the management of their household and family matters on an ongoing basis. The case study in the Household Administration section will give you an indication of how varied the services that we offer are.

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A Votre Service acts entirely in its clients’ interests. We are independent of the estate agents, legal firms and all professionals we cooperate with. In order to maintain our independence and to ensure that our clients’s interests are not compromised we do not accept fees, commissions or rebates from our professional providers.

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